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The Coalition Against Hunger is planning a Local Community Farm Project
this coming spring 2011 for the benefit of all local area Food Banks.
We are a government and United Way (8108) recognized 
501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and provide fresh produce
to supply local area Food Banks for distribution to those in need.
ALL donations are fully tax deductible. You set the value.
All donations will receive a printed receipt for tax purposes.

Some of the planned projects for this growing season include the following:
Pick Your Own Program
Individual Family Garden Plots ( for residents to grow their own produce)
Workshops in all areas of Agriculture
Canning and Food Preservation Classes
Plus many other Programs to help benefit the Community

We are asking for donations of the following items:
Vegetable, Fruit, and Herb Seeds and Plants
Organic Fertilizers
Garden Tools
Hoop Houses ( We will disassemble and move)
Seedling starter trays
Plant pots
Potting Soil
Farm Implements (or donated use of)
Plastic Sheeting ( Clear and Black)
Work Gloves
Garden Hoses
Tractors ( or donated use of )
Dump Truck ( or donated use of )

For more information, please contact Sandy at:
Thank you.

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